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10 Interior Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style



Trends in home decor come and go like fluctuating mortgage rates. But there are some interior design ideas which decorators agree are classic elements that never go out of style. Whether you just purchased or are making changes to your existing home, consider adding one or more of these timeless interior design details to your home.

1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is often overlooked when homeowners design a room, but it is what distinguishes a basic box from a show-stopping space. It adds drama and depth at a relatively low cost, depending on the style of molding and how much you use. As long as you choose a molding that blends with the overall character of the home (e.g., farmhouse, modern, traditional), it remains a classic and desirable upgrade among buyers.

2. Bold Front Door

A front door that pops is friendly, inviting, and adds to a home's curb appeal. Bright red or glossy black used to be the eye-catching colors of choice for front doors (and they still work), but nowadays, just about anything goes, like eggplant, burnt orange, or bright yellow. Try this color picking tool from Behr for help with finding a striking door color to complement your home.

3. Outdoor Living

Every area of the country has its own unique beauty. When you extend your living room to the outdoors, you have more opportunities to enjoy that beauty, get one with nature, and de-stress at the same time. If you can't tile or faux the patio floor, throw an indoor/outdoor rug on it and top it with weather-resistant lounging furniture (and maybe a chiminea) for a cozy outdoor retreat.

4. Tranquil Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the place to unplug from devices and recharge your body. This function becomes more and more necessary as technology continues to envelop our every moment. Decorate your master suite with soothing colors, luxurious bedding, and cozy reading nooks and you will continually find it to be a timeless retreat from modern stress.

5. Spa Bathrooms

When you think of a spa bathroom, you might envision Zen waterfalls, river rock, and bamboo. But a spa-like atmosphere is more of a mood than a decor style. Think soaking tubs, whirlpool baths, dimmable lights, and thick, soft towels. If you are renovating a bathroom, add as many of these elements as you can afford into your plans. You won't regret it later, and neither will potential homebuyers, should you decide to sell. A home equity line of credit might be just the thing you need to provide the funds for a bathroom renovation.

6. Built-in Shelves

"I don't need a place to put my stuff," said no one, ever. Built-in shelves are a classic way to combine beauty and function in a family room, living room, or den. As long as you choose a material and design that is in character with the rest of your home, built-in shelves will never fall out of use - or style.

7. Hard Floors

Carpeting shows soil and wear and tear more readily than hard flooring. Old carpeting tends to give a dated appearance to even the most beautiful of homes. Hard floors, however, look cleaner, last longer, and (thanks to area rugs) are more versatile than carpet. Whether you should choose hard wood or tile will depend on where in the country you live and the style of your home. Hard wood floors need special care and treatment to protect them from dry air or humidity, while tile floors are less maintenance.

8. Neutral Walls

Neutral wall colors pair well with any room style and are more forgiving for those that like to change their decor often. But neutral doesn't mean boring. Taupe, various shades of gray, and even pale blue are a few examples of neutrals with some punch. Huffpost has a few more suggestions for creative, neutral wall colors

9. Entryway

An entryway is a place to welcome guests, hang your coat and plop your keys, and give visitors a taste of the rest of your home. It doesn't need to be a grand foyer - most homes have only a few feet near the door that qualify as an entrance. It's what you do with that space that counts. Add a small table, coat rack, key hook, or shoe cubby to signify an entryway, then throw some personality on the walls to let visitors know what they are stepping into.

10. Statement Pieces

Speaking of personality, let yours shine through with statement pieces that serve as focal points in a room. This can be some favorite artwork, a vintage piece of furniture, a funky collection, or anything else you love that puts your stamp on the space.

When you decorate your home, consider whether your choices are simply trends bound to be outdated within a few years (remember teal and peach?), or classic upgrades that will never go out of style. Still looking for that perfect home to decorate? Get prequalified with us! You could be measuring for window coverings in no time.