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Business Beast-Mode: Making Other People Successful

Business Beast Mode: Making Other People Successful



In my ten years at EPM I’ve learned enough to fill a couple of books... not to bore you with the details; won’t do that here…you’re welcome.


What we will do is discuss some of the more valuable lessons that we carry with me to this day. The first and most important being, Make Other People Successful. It’s a bold statement especially in the world of “me first” that we live in, but great leadership starts at the top and great leaders know that helping others means you may not come first. Look at Amazon, Apple, Loan Depot and The Huffington Post; these companies have great leaders who look to empower their employee’s to be the best versions of themselves. The incentives of working at these businesses allow for work life balance and education reimbursement; all of which help better the people who work there.

The misconception in business is that location makes you the best, or your business style, or that greed is the best motivator, none of these are the key.  You must believe in your company,  its goals and responsibilities. There have to be company values that set your company and brand apart, we can’t think of a better belief and value than building and supporting your team from the ground up.

Giving people the chance to be great and move to the next level even if that means moving on, only sets you up as a better leader and creates a space and company culture that attracts top talent, who know that they can expect to become leaders in their field without the fear that being their best will be seen as a challenge from the top.

Every week we have a conference call with our sales team. In these meetings, we talk about everything from current goals to whose kid won last weekend’s soccer game. We are invested in the successes and failures of their families as I am in my own. We discuss how to create new pitches, how to work with new prospects, we share stories of when it was hardest for us all, both personally and professionally, but more importantly, we mean it.

We want everyone to win, because (cliché in 3,2,1...) when our team wins, so does EPM.

Great leaders are positive visionaries, who have passion, stay engaged and have the courage to not always be the smartest person in the room, but surround themselves with the people who are. They provide the tools and the space necessary to allow others freedom of expression and thought which can only beget creativity and ultimately positive change.

Making other people successful is not what happens when you have a stake in what they did, its what happens when you know that you played a part in the emerging Vice President or the next level thinker that will help shape the world. 



Eddy Perez, CMB


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