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Is Your Home Winter Ready

Is Your Home Winter Ready?  It’s Not Too Early


October is in full swing, which means, Halloween is around the corner and so is Winter. If the wind and ever dropping temperatures haven't given you a clue, we are in for a cold winter; Here are 5 tips to get your home “Winter Ready” that could save you time and money. 




1. Call “The Guy”

It’s time to get your HVAC, window and gutter guy or girl on the case. Better to know that your water heater needs repair now, than in the dead of winter, you can save up to 50% on the bill. Have a working fireplace? Call the chimney sweep too.


 2. Test The Pipes

If you have leaky or exposed pipes, get them covered, plugged or replaced ASAP.

You can do some repairs yourself with foam, electrical and heat tape. Start with the pipes in the areas most effected by temperature change i.e. garages, basements, attics etc.

There is no need to come home to an ice rink, unless that’s the remodel you’re going for.


3. Engage Your Thermostat

Many people don’t realize that their heating bill is being controlled by laziness.

Taking five minutes to read the instructions that came with your heating system could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the fall and winter months. Set the system according to your schedule. For fall, you can set the system to kick on after 5pm, when the sun goes down and temperatures start to drop. In the Winter set the temp to 68-69, while you’re away and 68-70 when your home. Some experts say that 65 is a good temperature, depending on the region you live in, to keep your home nice and toasty through the winter. Note: Most companies have video guides for their products on their websites and/or YouTube.


4. Take A Look Around

Is your satellite dish hanging on by a thread?

Literally go outside and look around the outside of your home. Is there a bush that has over grown and is touching your house? Cut it now before that branch becomes and ice sickle that can crack the window. Are your window’s clean? Are there any holes or cracks that will allow animals shelter for the Winter? A good once-over can save you time, money and annoyance as the temperatures start to drop.


5. Plug it up

If you have a garden hose or a water faucet in your home now is a good time to invest in a water faucet protector. You can get them for as low as $2 at your local big box store. The protector will keep air from getting into your pipes, possibly causing them to burst, and costing you thousands in repairs.


Being “Winter Ready” starts with an ounce of prevention.