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Modern Home Staging on a Budget


When you're selling your home, you don't always have the luxury of an extensive home staging budget. You want to put your home's best foot forward and showcase everything it has to offer potential buyers, but you don't want to spend a huge amount of money in the process, either. These home staging tips will enable you to stage your modern home in spite of any potential budget constraints. 

1. Clean out personal items and photos. When you're selling your house, one of the critical first steps is reducing clutter. Clutter draws the eye and makes your home seem small--in spite of the fact that it's been big enough for your family all these years. During the showing process, pack up at least a third of your possessions. Tuck away clothing that isn't in season, put away personal photos, and clean out the kids' rooms. The resulting space will seem downright luxurious to both you and potential buyers--and as a bonus, this is one staging tip that's free!

2. Brighten your walls. After years of living in your home, chances are, your walls are starting to show the wear. Take the time to clean your walls and, if necessary, apply a light coat of touch-up paint. This simple step will allow you to make your home look fresh and new--and in many cases, it will cost no more than a single gallon of paint. 

3. Check your lights. Make sure that your light bulbs have been replaced recently and that there aren't any burnt-out bulbs hiding throughout the house. If possible, open curtains and let in natural light wherever you can. A bright home appears more inviting, especially to potential buyers who are looking for space. 

4. Get rid of dents in your carpet. Have you moved furniture throughout your home, whether because you've removed unnecessary furniture or because you're trying to create a more inviting setup for potential buyers? Get rid of the dents left in the carpet over time! Simply place an ice cube in the dent and allow it to melt. The process will help plump those fibers back up and make it look like your furniture has always been in its current position. 

5. Check your closets. If it's possible for you to clean items out of your closets that aren't currently in use, from linens that aren't used regularly to games that no one in the house is playing, move them out! Cleaning out those items will help increase that illusion of space throughout your home.

6. Decorate your bathrooms. Do you typically have hand towels hanging in your bathrooms? What about decorative soaps? Adding a pretty hand towel and some shaped soaps is a great way to increase the luxurious feeling of the bathroom without spending a great deal of money. Many people are looking for incredible bathrooms--and you can create one for your buyers without ever having to update your bathroom.

7. Add some color. If you've gone neutral throughout your house--especially if it's vacant throughout the showing process--add some color to bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This will help brighten up home photos and make the house as a whole feel more inviting. Small accessories can do this for a minimal price.

Staging your home often feels like an expensive and time-consuming process. It may make you feel as though you can't really "live" in your home until the house is sold--and as a result, you may struggle with keeping your home at the standard you'd like. Staging it properly, however, can increase the selling price of your home and even help your home sell faster. Start by decluttering, then follow these simple tips to help make more out of your home staging efforts. 

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