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Tips for the First Walk-through as a Single Parent Buying a Home




Tips for the First Walk-through as a Single Parent Buying a Home


Many first-time buyers get butterflies in their stomach on the first walk-through of a home. Maybe they feel excited about the prospect of painting the home without a landlord's chastisement. Or maybe they fall in love with the gleaming stainless steel appliances or the hardwood flooring. As a single parent buying a home for the first time, it's important to set aside the emotions. Don't let staging and decorating distract you from noticing the important flaws before making an offer on a home. According to an article by, there are several important things to watch out for when viewing a home for the first time in person. Avoid buying any house sight unseen, no matter how good the listing or professional photographs. According to a piece by, single women make up 18 percent of all home sales compared to 7 percent of unmarried men. Also, unmarried couples make up 8 percent of all closings. Single parents often want more space compared to their counterparts with no children. They also tend to like space for extended family members such as aging parents who help with childcare. It's smart to bring extended family members or friends with you when viewing a home. Check how you feel in your gut about the home as well as your friend's impressions.


Checking the floors

Experts with suggest checking the floors as a way to tell if the plumbing is up to par. Look for sagging floors. Also, examine to see if there are any cracks in the wall. Sometimes, the outside of the home has cracks because of settling. But there could also be signs of major structural problems. If you see any suspicious paint covering up a problem, don't be afraid to ask. As far as the type of flooring, most parents prefer laminate over carpet because it's durable with children. 


Looking for signs of water

Although water is good in terms of views, it's not good to see signs of water in a basement. If the basement is damp, make sure to have an inspector examine it closely. Other important areas of concern include the windows. Feel whether the air comes through the windows due to poor sealing. Old windows mean higher utility bills in the summer and winter months.


Visiting the home with your kids

If you are house hunting for a smaller home, find out whether the home is big enough by inviting your children and close friends to view the home. If you feel as though you are falling over one another to see the house, it's likely too small. Also, it's easier to learn about the home's acoustics if you tour the house with several people.


Checking out the outdoor living space

Outdoor living space is especially relevant for single parents buying homes. On the one hand, you want to see whether there are trees near a home that pose risks by falling during storms. On the other hand, you want to make sure your children have shade trees. Ideally, opt for a home with a fence in good condition. Make sure the gate is working properly and that the fence is not leaning over.


Again, don't let cosmetic improvements fool you into thinking a home is worth more than comparable homes of the same size and location. Single parent are often so motivated to find a home to provide for their children that they jump to emotional decision-making mode. Take a step back and evaluate the home from a logical perspective. Focus on layout, good schools, safety, age of home and new appliances. While you can always decorate later on a small budget, it's often expensive to replace major appliances or an A/C system. By the time you go on your final walk-through, you should know the seller fixed items on the inspector's list. At Equity Prime Mortgage, we help single parents buying a home for the first time or as repeat buyers. For more tips on what to look for with the first walk-through as well as tips on saving and qualifying for a mortgage, please contact us.