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Turning a Major Home Repair into a Renovation Opportunity

Sometimes something happens to your home that you didn't intend, didn't plan for, and will need to get creative to solve. Exploding appliances, dry rot in the walls, or a leak that ruins your carpets are the kind of problems that many homeowners find themselves dealing with eventually but it's always an upsetting experience to discover that your home has taken real damage. Not to mention the damage to your savings account paying for the repairs. 

Of course, because you're going to have to bring in new materials and installation professionals either way, why go through all that trouble just to repair the area back to how it would have been originally without the damage? People are always looking for a good reason to renovate their homes and a major repair is the perfect excuse to make equally major changes to your interior design or even your floorplan layout.

Reinstalling Your Floors

If you've never seen before and after pictures from a floor remodel, you might not realize just how completely you can transform a room simply by choosing and installing a different floor. If something bad happened to your carpets or completely ripped up a hardwood floor to the point where reinstallation was the only option, take the opportunity to choose a carpet, wood, or tile that's truly your style rather than whatever was in place when you bought the home. Feel free to choose your favorite colors or even completely redesign the room around how you'd like the new floor to be.

Paint One Wall, Paint Them All

There are a lot of unfortunate things that can happen to the surface of an interior wall. An upstairs leak can ruin the paint, mildew may have started growing behind the wallpaper, or a small electrical fire may have permanently scorched the wall. When this happens, you may even need to replace your sheetrock before you have a surface sturdy enough to repaint. Of course, a single can of paint is usually much more than you need for a single wall, so why match your old color when you can pick a whole new color scheme? Look at your furniture and check with your internal sense of style to see if you'd rather muted greens, soft grays, or a vibrant accent wall.

Completely Taking Out a Wall

If something has damaged a wall so badly that it practically needs to be replaced, take a minute to ask yourself if you really even need that wall after all. Many older homes were designed with far more closed-off designs that the open floor plans popular today. Walls between non-bedrooms are now especially optional and many homeowners are taking them out recreationally. Instead of building a new wall, you could choose to ask your contractors simply take out the remains of the damaged one, and perhaps more interior walls to match your new vision and open up the inside of your home.

Loans for Repairs and Improvements

When something truly unplanned happens to your house like leaks or small fires, homeowners often find themselves in need of a homeloan to pay for the repairs. Since this cost is already on par with how much a home renovation would cost and involves most of the same rebuilding activities, you have every reason to use this opportunity and necessary loan to improve your home, not just repair it. For more information about selecting the loan you need for home repair and renovations, contact us today or apply online!