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Is It Time To Refinance?

If you're a current homeowner who feels like you're spending too much on your monthly mortgage payment, it may be time to look into refinancing your loan....Read More

3 Mortgage Programs That Offer No Money Down

3 Mortgage Programs That Offer No Money Down The number one factor that prevents most non-homeowners back from applying for a home loan, is a myth. The myth is that you must have 20% or more to put down on your home. That is simply not true....Read More

Cyber Security And Your Home: 5 Tips to Keep You & Your Home Safe

We live in a time of convenience, we want what we want, when we want it. The need for convenience and immediate satisfaction enetered the banking industry with the installation of the first ATM. Convenience in the mortgage industry looks a little different, but people still want to get the best rate and move into the home of their dreams ASAP...Read More

Bitcoin And Your Mortgage

In recent months, homeowners across the country have taken out second mortgages on their homes to buy into the feeding frenzy that is Bitcoin. Industry experts are against this. Investors say, it’s no different than using the equity in your home to pay off college tuition, but what is right for you?...Read More

Tips for the First Walk-through as a Single Parent Buying a Home

As a single parent buying a home for the first time, it's important to set aside the emotions. Don't let staging and decorating distract you from noticing the important flaws before making an offer on a home. According to an article by curbed.com, there are several important things to watch out for when viewing a home for the first time in person. Avoid buying any house sight unseen, no matter how good the listing or professional photographs. According to a piece by realtor.com, single women make up 18 percent of all home sales compared to 7 percent of unmarried men....Read More

Reasons Millennial Homebuyers Face a Housing Shortage

By understanding what's behind the current housing shortage, it's easier for aspiring millennial homebuyers to work around the obstacles. According to a recent piece by usatoday.com, would-be millennial homebuyers have to get creative about bidding on homes due to the competitive seller's market....Read More

What is Included in a Home Inspection?

When it comes time to buy a home, most people don't want to waste valuable money on a home inspection. Even those that understand that they will get a lot of valuable information from it, may still bulk at the price. Many only go through a home inspection if it is required by their mortgage lender....Read More

Three Ways To Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season: Living Room Make-Over

Three Ways To Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season: Living Room Make-Over We are well into the holiday season and if you've got more guests coming, now may be the time to give your living room the spruce up it needs. Here are three ways to make your living room the star of the show. Color It Up! Adding an accent wall is the easiest way to add a pop of color to your living room, don't just think color, you can use texture too....Read More

Build Your House Hunting A-Team

Searching for your perfect home can be both exciting and overwhelming. You’ve done the research and know where you want to live, but how do you get there? The key, that most buyers find helpful, having the right team behind them to help when the going gets tuff....Read More

10 Tips to Save on Energy Costs

Winter marks the last season of the year. With its chilly mornings and colder nights, wintertime lands a devastating blow to many a budget. Planning ahead for grocery expenses and home updates are simple, but saving on utility costs is not as straight forward. Electricity and natural gas are the most common sources of energy in a home. The amount of energy required from day-to-day fluctuates. Conserving energy is simple with these ten energy-saving hacks......Read More

Getting Your Ducks in a Row for a Mortgage Approval Five Tools for Success

In the current housing market, it is worth it to be as strategic as possible when seeking out a mortgage that will work for you. For most individuals, getting into the housing market starts with a mortgage approval. There is actually quite a bit of homework you can do ahead of time that will help you lock in a workable mortgage rate. Here are five things to remember when getting started on the mortgage process....Read More

Paul Thomas Named New CFO For Equity Prime Mortgage

Paul Thomas Named New CFO For Equity Prime Mortgage Equity Prime Mortgage is pleased to announce our new Chief Financial Officer, Paul Thomas. He joins us from Westrock Company where he served as Director of Finance. He is a CPA, with an MBA in Finance and a BBA in Accounting from Georgia State University. Thomas has worked with companies like Haverty’s Furniture and Church’s Chicken in senior financial leadership roles....Read More