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Lattice Hardwick

Lattice Hardwick Photo
Title: Mortgage Loan Originator
Mobile Phone: (770) 885-9168
Email: lhardwick@equityprime.com
NMLS #: 379945


Caring, reliable, and patient, Lattice Hardwick is a true advocate for homebuyers. An expert at simplifying the loan process, her clients know she's looking out for their best interest.

Lattice entered the mortgage industry in 2003 out of sheer necessity. She says, "We couldn't find anyone to help us answer questions about our mortgage so we took a class on being a loan officer and the rest is history." Since then, she has assisted over 1,000 homebuyers and taken a personal interest in helping them achieve their goals. She says, "We actually become a team, which lets them know that I'm on their side to the end."

Lattice combines her years of mortgage expertise, her fun-loving and light-hearted personality, and her love for people into an experience that makes her clients happy they chose her. She says, "My clients and I laugh and joke a lot. I've found this really does help ease the anxiety of buying a home. I'm here to sincerely help them with one of the biggest purchases of their lives, which is why we go through the journey together hand in hand. They know I'm actually listening to what they're saying with no judgment. It's truly my pleasure to do everything I can for each and every one of my clients."